The Chain Of Prophets – 2

The Chain of Prophets 2 adds to the prophets mentioned in the first volume the prophets (on them peace): Chouayb (Jethro) – The orator of the Prophets who delighted hearts with his eloquence Moussa (Moses) who miraculously engulfed Pharaoh and his son army in the chasms of the Red Sea with his staff; Harun the pious brother of Moussa who supported him at all times and in all places Daoud (David) whose remembrance of Allah (dhikr) amazed the mountains, the stones, even the wild animals. Suleyman (Solomon) who extinguished from his heart the enormous power he exerted over his kingdom; Uzayr who was resurrected after his death to illustrate the resurrection of the Day of Judgment; Ayyub (Job) -: Symbol of patience and deep meditations; Yunus (Jonah) -: Who surpassed the darkness in a state of marked ecstasy of repentance, dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and invocations; Ilyas (Elijah) -: May Allah salve and compliment with the Koranic exclamation: “Peace be upon Ilyas”; Al-Yasa’a (Elysée) -: Who was raised above the universes; Dhu’l-Kifl (Ezekiel) -: the godly prophet who was overwhelmed by divine mercy; Luqman the Wise (Lokman – Hakim) -: The legendary scholar of the visible, the invisible and wise counsellor; Zakariyya (Zechariah): the oppressed prophet who was sawed in two; Yahya (John the Baptist): Who, like his father Zakariyya, joined his Lord as a martyr; ‘Issa (Jesus) -: Who, with the help of Allah, heals the sick and raises the dead.