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Civilisation Of Virtues – 1

In order for us to attain to the superior virtues that will make us acceptable to Allah, we must nourish heartfelt love for the friends of Allah and the Blessed Prophet to whom they are devoted. And it is him that we must follow. For this reason it is hoped that, as we become truly acquainted with the Prophet and take as our model his superior characteristics, which have been praised by Allah, we will have the honour of being amongst those brothers that the Prophet gave glad tidings of. If we recognize him today, he will recognize us tomorrow in that great gathering on the last Day. If we reach a state in which we see him in reality then he will see us. If we listen to him and do as he says, then he will hear our cries and take us by the hand. In this way we will become for others, an exhibition of his beautiful example. This is the greatest virtue of all!