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Endowment, Charity And Service In Islam

Altruism is the greatest sign of real love. Depending on level of his love, the lover regards the sacrifice for the sake of his beloved as pleasure and inevitable duty. For this reason, it is required for a believing heart to encompass and mercifully embrace all of the creation out of respect for the Creator. A serious campaign of infāq and service is needed in the contemporary world in which brotherhood sentiments have weakened, peace and tranquility in the society have been lost, and hate and enmity have intensified. In addition to these ills of contemporary society, the ever present social and economic crises and the submission of individuals to the material world hinder financial sacrifices, one of the most neglected aspects of our faith. In this regard, the first subjects to address are our duties through zakāt, infāq, and social institutions of mercy such as waqfs or endowments.