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From The Examplary Manners Of The Friends Of Allah – 1

Since the friends of God are the heirs to the Prophets, they continue to practice the prophetic guidance and moral perfection for the rest of human beings. In other words, the friends of God are highly respected personalities for those who did not see the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad , with respect to taking lessons from their exemplary actions. The guidance and advice coming from the tongues of the friends of God breathe new life into the hearts of others through a language of mercy and in effect these counsels spring from the prophetic instructions. The friends of Allah are a means of blessing and mercy for their neighborhood. They are arms of mercy and compassion embracing to all the segments of the community. They are also like magnets attracting the believers, for Allah the Almighty loved these righteous servants and have people love them. This is why the friends of Allah are not forgotten after their death and continue to live in the hearts of those who love them.