Letter of Condolences for Sheikh Abdulqadir es-Sufi

Today, 1 August 2021, Sunday, we have received the news of the passing away of Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi, a shaykh of the Shadhiliyya, and were deeply saddened with the loss of this great man of Da’wa who dedicated his life to the spread of Islam and living a life by the principles of Sufi ethics.

He was a great man of action, who declared war on riba, wrote refutations of the banking system and struggeld to prevent the exploitation of mankind. On the one hand he adorned his Derwisches through his spiritual education and on the other hand he was producing answers to the problems of the Ummah in general. He was striving to unify all the Muminun under one banner and to eradicate the political division of the Umma. During these efforts he always expressed his love of the Ottoman Dawlat as the last bannerbearer of the Umma. As-Sufi is a great admirer of the Ottomans and of Istanbul, and has for this reason directed his Murids to visit our country.

His greatest ideal was to carry the spirituality and political strength of the Ahl al-Madina during the Age of Bliss, the lifetime of the Prophet, peace be upon him, into our time. While on this path, he became the means for thousands of people to accept Islam, to find true guidance. He was a means for the spread of Islam in Europe, America, Africa, and almost all countries of the world. The many works he wrote have shed light on the intellectual life of people in our country and all over the world.

It is impossible to mention all his striving and service to Islam in such a short letter of condolence. With the passing of time, his importance will be understood better and his example will open new horizons for the Muminun.

May my Lord have mercy on him and make him a neighbor to our Prophet, peace be upon him. May our Lord Mosthigh honour him with the Garden and the Beauty of His Face.

On behalf of myself and the Turkish people, I present my sincere condolences to all his lovers and his Murids, and our condolences to all the Muslim world.

Osman Nuri Topbaş
The Honorary President of Hudayi Foundation
Istanbul, Turkey