Night Journey Miraj

When the Prophet (s.a.s) was about to inform the polytheists of the events that took place on the Night Journey and the Night of the Ascension, he said to Gabriel:

“O Gabriel! My people will not believe in me”.

Gabriel (upon whom be peace) replied: “Abu Bakr will confirm what you say. He is as-Siddiq”. (Ibn Sa’d, I, 215).

As a result when the polytheists heard about the events of the Ascension, they went straight to Abu Bakr  and said:

“Your friend says that in one night he went to the Mosque of Aqsa and then from there he rose to the heavens and returned to Mecca before the morning. What do you have to say about that?”.

In a show of true loyalty of faith to the Messenger of Allah (Pbuh), Abu Bakr  replied with great enthusiasm:

“If that is what he says, then it is true. Because there is no way and no possibility that he would lie. I believe from the start everything that he says and brings…”

The polytheists asked him once more:

“Do you believe what he says… that he went to Baytu’l Maqdis in one night?”

“Yes. What is there to be amazed about? By Allah he tells me that whatever time of the day it is, news comes to him from Allah and I believe him”. Later Abu Bakr  went to the Ka’bah where the Prophet (Pbuh) was sitting. He listened to the events told from the mouth of the Prophet himself and then said:

“You have spoken the truth o Messenger of Allah”. Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) smiled with a smile that lit up the world as a sign that he was very pleased with this sign of confirmation by Abu Bakr  and said to him:

“O Abu Bakr! You are the Sıddîq (truthful one)” (Ibn Hisham, II, 5).

From that day on, Abu Bakr  became famous for his nickname of as Siddiq. This is the loyalty to be found in faith… All that needs to be done is to find the truth and do not depart from it.