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Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect

Since the reason for the existence of all creatures is Light-i Muhammedi, it is not possible to express the life of the Prophet and the Prophet in the light of these incapable lines.

It is not possible to properly realize and betray the surplus of this Sultan of the Prophets, which he exalted in his Destiny, with the limited possibilities of words.

However, there are numerous benefits for everyone to make their way to understanding and telling.

This book is trying to relate the life of the most perfect creature of Allah and detail his part of life.
The first one is relating the time between the birth and the moment of Hijrah.

The second one is relating the events during the Hijrah to Medinah up to the departure in direction of the “Rafeeq al Aala”.

May Allah have peace and blessings on our beloved Prophet Muhammed al Mustapha.