With its special prescribed program, pilgrimage leads human beings to spiritual sensitivity. The Ka’bah is a place filled with memories of Abraham (Peace Be Upon Him) and his family’s trust in Allah and submission to Him. When the words of trust, submission and pilgrimage are mentioned together, one remembers Abraham (Peace Be Upon Him) and his son Ishmael (Peace Be Upon Him).  Pilgrimage is turned into a righteous deed, which will be performed till the end of the days.

The Arabic term tawakkul means “trust in, reliance on, and appointing an agent.” In Sufi terminology it means that someone whose heart is filled with love for Allah trusts only in Allah and takes refuge in Him. Allah the Almighty asked Moses about the staff in his hand and ordered him to “throw it”; because it was shadowing Moses’ trust in Allah.

This is expressed in some verses:

“…And on Allah let all men of faith put their trust.”(Ibrahim 14; 11, al-Tawba 9; 51)

“…So put your trust (in Allah) if you are indeed believers.”(al-Maida 5; 23)

“…And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him…” (al-Talaq 65; 3)

It is stated in one of the sayings of the Prophet (pbuh):

“If you properly trust in Allah, you will certainly receive the blessings of Allah as the birds that leave their nests hungry in the morning and return with full stomach at dusk.”(Tirmidhi, Zuhd, 33)

Trust in Allah does not mean to abandon precautions and effort. On the contrary it means to do everything that can be done and then take refuge in Allah. Allah the Almighty expresses this in the Holy Qur’an as follows:

“…and consult with them upon the conduct of affairs. And when you are resolved, then put your trust in Allah…” (Ali- Imran 3; 159)

Allah is the Helper of the believers both in this world and in the Hereafter. Allah suffices for those who put their trust in Him. The real peace and tranquility, whether it is on an individual or social level, is in turning towards Him, asking help only from Him and putting ones trust in Him.

Taslimiyyah is the Arabic word for submission which is derived from the root “سَلِمَ”. It refers to complete obedience and readily acceptance of  incidents as they are. Consequently this brings salvation.

In Abraham’s (Peace Be Upon Him) heart there is no place for anything but Allah. This is why Allah the Almighty declared Abraham as His friend. Angels asked:

“O Lord! Abraham has life, children and wealth. How can he be Your friend?”

Thereupon Allah the Almighty presented them three instances of Abraham’s obedience without objection.  These three tests and their results will be exemplary examples for the believers until the end of the world.

When Abraham (Peace Be Upon Him) was going to be thrown into the fire, angels came to help him. But he said:

“I do not need you. Who has given the fire the power to burn?” Then he took refuge in his Lord saying:

“What an Excellent Protector Allah is in Whom I trust.” As a reward for his utter submission, it was commanded to the fire:

“We said: O fire! Be coolness and peace to Ibrahim.”(al-Anbiya 21; 69)

Abraham (Peace Be Upon Him) regarded his wealth worthless and gave it to Gabriel (Peace Be Upon Him) when he (Gabriel) mentioned the name of Allah the Almighty three times.

Again Abraham (Peace Be Upon Him) was tested by slaughtering his son and he successfully passed the test.

Obedience is the true servitude, for Allah the Almighty does not approve His servants to yield themselves to anything but Him.

Submission is obedience based on love. Due to his obedience and submission, Abraham’s wealth, children and life could not become obstacles on his path to his Lord. Pilgrimage has become the best symbol of Abraham’s trust and submission to Allah.

Abraham’s (Peace Be Upon Him) tongue became an interpreter for what was in his heart and always said that:

“…I have surrendered to the Lord of the Worlds.”(al-Baqara 2; 131)

Pilgrimage, which is the symbol of Abraham’s (Peace Be Upon Him) and Ishmael’s (Peace Be Upon Him) trust and submission to Allah, means laying down all human attributes and entering into a climate of mercy. It is adhering to obedience with confidence.  Pilgrimage is the performance of servitude filled with love.

As pilgrimage has shown us, riddance of  sins can be achieved only by means of the acts of worship performed by a heart filled with repentance, submission and trust.

Believers who set off for the journey to perform major or minor pilgrimage should comprehend the true meaning of submission and trust. They have to make the necessary material and spiritual preparations for their journey. The following verse was revealed because some Yemenite people had just said “we put our trust in Allah” without making necessary preparations for their pilgrimage:

“…So make provision for yourselves; surely piety is the best provision …”(al-Baqara 2; 197)

As it is referred to by this verse, in the sacred lands of pilgrimage we need both material and spiritual provisions, which are more significant. This can surely be possible for one with a sound heart who has that achieved piety. One of the most natural results a life being characterized by proper Islamic manners is the attainment of a sensitive heart reflecting on manifestations of piety.